About Deccon group

DECCON is a professionally managed industry owned by Qualified Engineers having specialized knowledge in Construction Business with vast and versatile experience for more than a decade. The group specializes in technically complex, new-age construction in infrastructure projects.

DECCON has been building large and complex structures for the last 20 years. Known for taking giant strides in technology and innovation, We are one of the fastest growing private sector construction companies in Tamilnadu and specialize in pioneering large-scale civil constructions and developing new age construction technologies.

We are one of the Tamilnadu Government authorised and registered Class 1 contractor to perform projects more than 75lacs in Tamilnadu sector.

Our Strength in the Business

We believe our own machineries for our business to rely on our own strength. We are fully equipped with all kinds of our business related machineries such as

  • Turbo Tippers for own Transportation
  • Mixer Machines, Concrete vibrators
  • Earth Compactors
  • Scaffolding and Centring Materials
  • Cutting, Pending, drilling Machines and other specific instruments for construction business

Apart from the above features we believe the qualified engineers technical knowledge base in the new and stiff competitive world of business.

DECCON executes the construction of technically complex and high value projects in all segments.!

As a versatile , adaptable , capable and dependable group , we strive to deliver quality , perfection and trust.

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